Electronic mail has a significant impact on the life of the people, and it has one of the largest consumer markets when compared to any social media. The email is one of the most important tools for the business or any sort of work-related queries. It is just needed today’s time because, with this daily busy life, you have to connect to social media networks to get more knowledge about everything. Email is used because our traditional postal services needed so much paperwork and now email can be sent easily as compared to the traditional method.

The purpose of having a mail id helps you to create a Facebook account, or receive the verification and updation mails of the app. On Facebook, they use all these things for privacy and safety. Facebook is a household name known for its reliability that helps communities to interact with one another.  Facebook has so many new features in it, and anyone can easily access that. Facebook also gives you access to create your account by phone number earlier it was not available, but now you can create your account easily. 

Some consumers might end up forgetting their Facebook password, in which case the password change request will be sent to the mail. You can modify the email id you put in on Facebook any time you want. 

Sometimes several users who created their Facebook account a long time back, and they forget the email account registered with Facebook. It comes in handy when you try to log in to the Facebook app. 

Steps to remove or add or to change the email from the Facebook account on Mobile and PC

Step 1: Change your email on Facebook on any computer.

  • At the top of the right corner of the Facebook page, select the down arrow and then go to the settings & privacy then settings.
  • Now go to the general tab and select contact.
  • Now choose another email.
  • Type the new email address or change the mail ID.
  • On being prompted, initiate the process of re-entering the password for your Facebook account.
  • Select ‘Submit’ to save your changes. 

Step 2: Change your email on Facebook on mobile.

  • Firstly download the Facebook app from any play store or app store.
  • Run the app on your smartphone.
  • Now click on the three lines menu icon.
  • Click on ‘Settings and Privacy.’
  • On the website you can move forward to the next step of the process. 
  • Go to settings then personal informational then to email address.
  • Click add an email or change it.
  • Types of the new email now and accordingly add your password to the new mail or confirm the changes that you’ve made.
  • Now check your email and verify it properly that you made these changes in the email address.
  • Lastly, input the code of confirmation email.

Step 3: How to check Facebook emails.

Just go to your security and then go to login setting by selecting settings and privacy at the top of the right of Facebook. Now click on the settings and privacy and security and login. Scroll down to see the recent and current emails from Facebook.

Step 4: How to remove an email address on Facebook.

  • Click on top of the right of Facebook.
  • Now just scroll down and click on settings.
  • Now go to the account setting and click on personal information to an email address.
  • Click on the email you want to remove and then click on it.
  • After that, you might have to re-enter your Facebook password. Enter the password and remove the email.


All these factors are important to follow to change your Facebook email. Facebook and email are the two most important aspects of works. And all of the above information will help you to change the Facebook email. It seems tough to use these components unless and until you try it. You should also maintain your security details like emails properly and change them correctly. The most important thing is that nowadays, social media is the hub for many people and also in the workplace. Because so many companies do advertising and everything on Facebook, and it is compulsory that you change your setting according to your need properly.

There are also Facebook mail helping site where you can find help if you’re finding it difficult to change the mail on the Mobile or PC. Just follow the steps you can easily cover and change these things on your mobile and PC. Facebook is very easy to use, and you can email a password or any other thing. You just need to be careful before composing an email address or password from Facebook. Otherwise, your details can also be in danger. So you must fill in every detail of the information properly. Change your email as per your need with the help of this guide.


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