The photograph is one of the most rarely self-sufficient things. The photographs need a perfect caption. A caption that will tell us something about the person or a thing. And also something about the photographer. Photo captions are parasitical. They are dependent upon the image to which they are attached for their existence. Photographs can appear captionless or with captions. But the caption never appears without any type of photographs. So it is very necessary to give a perfect caption to the good photograph otherwise it will not look good. It’s not like every photo needs a perfect caption but sometimes some photographs require captions. 

Just think about the crime scene photos or the army photos. This type of photographs does not need captions sometimes because these photographs will be useful for little work of police and medical training without the need for captions it will be required for some queries. A photographer also sometimes does not need much if caption benefits from one. Whenever you put a caption the caption must be informative or it should be the one that enhances and show your real personality. Because whenever we see good photographs we have the excitement of knowing how this photograph is taken and they have written the caption. Many photographs are produced and they have some amazing captions attached to it. 

Captions should have assisted viewers which will make sense of the images. If you want to forward the photos without a caption you can also do that. 

You just need to follow the below steps properly if you want to forward the photos with a caption.

Step 1: How to forward the caption without a caption on Android.

  • Download WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Now open the app.
  • Go to the photo which you want to forward to your friends/family or contacts.
  • Now click and hold the image after that you will see many icons at the top of the right like (star, delete, forward, share, and reply).
  • So now here you have to tap on the share icon.
  • After tapping on the share icon now choose a chat or group you want to send the photo to.
  • Then tap on the Tick option at the bottom right.
  • Before that tap on the send option and then edit and an image caption will appear to you.
  • Now you can make a change and click on the send option directly at the bottom.
  • Click on the image with the caption.
  • And once you send the photo with the caption and forward it. 

Step 2: Instead of forwarding the image you can also tap on the share icon.

If you want to share the photos with captions you can do that also. Just instead of forwarding only click on the share icon and select the full photo with the caption and you can share the full photo with the caption.

Step 3: How to forward photos with a caption on the iPhone.

The IOS device does not have as simple a technique as the android device. But it’s easy to forward photos with captions. Just follow the steps below 

  • Open your WhatsApp on the IOS device.
  • Now go to the photos.
  • And if you have the photo with that caption select the full caption and hold the caption.
  • And now tap on the photo which you want to send.
  • And only the photo will be sent and the caption.

Step 4: One easy way of forwarding the photo with a caption.

  • Firstly Open WhatsApp on any of your android or iOS device.
  • Now select the photos which you want to send.
  • Now click on the forward icon.
  • And your all photos will be sent but first copy the caption and then paste it. Because you directly select and forward the photos.


The caption and photos play a vital role because they convey the proper information on who’s doing what thing, where, and how and sometimes also why. With this, we get to know about the personality of anyone. A solid caption can inspire so many people and amazing photographs can also inspire so many people. But the combination of both this is the thing where a reader will read the caption with interest if the photograph is interesting and the caption. And if you also want to forward your photo with a caption you can also do that with the help of the above information.

Just follow the above instructions and you will be able to forward the photos with a caption. It’s very easy to forward the photos.

You just need to be careful because sometimes mistakenly if you send to some other person the photos. So be careful while forwarding the photo. It’s important to know every aspect.


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