Instagram is an amazing tool for connecting with friends you know and vice versa.

A catchphrase of today’s youth, Instagram has quickly become a household name that delivers all that it promised. This app comes with different features that allow one to customize their settings. If you are an avid Instagrammer, you already know that you can add your mobile phone number to your account. Having your phone number linked to your IG account comes with its many benefits. 

It is also relatively easy to log in with your phone number as almost everyone who uses social media apps has a mobile number. The addition of mobile number in the creation process also ensures that your account will not be deactivated or removed on the count of fake account. If in case you forget your username or password, the information needed to change it will be delivered to you via SMS, which is easier to access as opposed to emails. The phone number is accessible everywhere, but the email address is accessible only when you have internet connectivity.

Furthermore, Instagram always makes checks for fake profiles to remove them and ensure that the Instagram population operates on a realistic view of the world. Taking this into consideration, you may be asked to verify your account, either after creation or upon login attempt. The verification method may be specified by way of SMS only, in which case having a phone number becomes imperative. 

  • Adding phone number on IG

Sometimes when you add an account or have trouble connecting, You can use the third-party app for this purpose. Gramista may come to the rescue

and Here’s how:

Complete all the procedures asked by the tool post download.

  1. Log in to your Instagram
  2. Go to the profile. Select “Edit Profile.”
  3. Give in your information along with the phone number and select “Done” on iPhone or Android at the top right of the screen.

IG requires you to verify your phone number with them after adding it. When that is complete, you can go on to add your IG account to the  Gramista Dashboard.

You can even update your profile from the web.

Gramista provides a message as a service when the application is having trouble verifying your account because Many VOIP services do not cooperate with Instagram. Unfortunately for us, we have no discretion over this.

The Two-factor Authentication might require you to type in and verify your phone number, every time you log in. You might want to disable this setting when you use Gramista. 

  • Removing your Phone Number From IG 

People who have your mobile number saved on their phones can easily find you on IG, without knowing any other details about you on the app.  You can be found if your phone number is added to your account, irrespective of whether it isn’t displayed on your public profile. IG elucidates its provisions very clearly in the privacy policy for a reason. An alternative to the same is to run the Instagram account without your phone number. 

These steps are the same for  Androids and iOS devices:

  1. On the profile of your account, select  “Edit Profile”.
  2. Under the section of Profile Information, select the “Phone number”.
  3. Now select “delete the phone number.”
  4. In order to update your profile, click on “Next.”
  5. You will now reach the “Edit Profile.” segment of Instagram.
  6. The tick mark icon will help to save the changes that you make. 
  7. Instagram will reload after a few seconds, and you will see that the changes you made to your profile are now permanent unless you decide otherwise. 

Then, IG will send a confirmation mail to the email address connected to the account, informing that your phone number has been deleted from its database.

  • Changing the Instagram phone number

You might want to change your phone number for end number of reasons. In that case, you will have to edit your mobile number on different social media handles.

Here is how you can change your phone number on Instagram –

  1. Start the Instagram app on your phone and go to your Profile section.
  2. Tap on the “Edit profile” option
  3. Scroll down to the “Private Information” section to find your Phone Number.
  4. Omit the given phone number to enter the new one
  5. After changing your phone number, you will receive a code to check whether you want the new phone number to be used for your account. If you have entered your email address as your preferred mode of verification, then you will get an email confirming the same. 
  • Change the Instagram phone number without the phone.

If you want to use the desktop instead of the mobile phone to change your number, you can avail of the Insta Web facility. 

  1. Login to your account via 
  2. Change your number in the Phone Number section. Once you are done, click on “Submit”.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox along with a message.

If you have removed your phone number using your phone, you do not need to repeat the process, as Instagram saves all the changes you make to your profile universally. 

Instagram is a fantastic tool for connecting with friends you know and vice versa.

As elaborated above, there are certain perks associated with having your phone number connected to Instagram. If you still prefer to stay private on Instagram, you may have to change the Instagram phone number or delete it, amongst various other reasons because Any random person with your number can find and follow you. So, if you’d want to stay anonymous, one of the best ways is to remove your number from your handle.


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